Water/Sewer/Fire Protection/Refuse (aka garbage) billing is sent out on a quarterly basis as follows:

APRIL (quarterly billing for January, February, March)
JULY (quarterly billing for April, May, June)
OCTOBER (quarterly billing for July, August, September)
JANUARY (quarterly billing for October, November, December)

Refuse Services via Waterman’s Sanitation

35 gallon container (grey) = $54.00/quarter
60 gallon container (green) = $54.00/quarter
90 gallon container (black) = $61.50/quarter

Please contact the Milltown Village Office at (715)825-3258 if you would like to begin/end service, or change your container size with Waterman’s Sanitation. Please see attachment below for details/requirements for container placement and recycling.

Refuse and Recycling Details